Marie Curie Appeal

Well done to P1, P2 and P3.

The final total raised for the Daffodil Appeal through the sale of daffodils, the P1 Coffee Morning and the P2/P3 Spring concert is £800. 

Thanks to staff and parents for their generosity.

P6 Camp

Hello from school camp at Whithaugh.  Everyone is having a great time.  We’ve had non-stop rain for 2 days but that hasn’t stopped any of the activities going ahead-except for the camp fire!

It’s extremely muddy underfoot so I’m afraid there will be some very messy clothes, wellies, trainers and children arriving home on Friday.

Mrs Chalmers and her passengers arrived safely at 7pm this evening and I’m now back, ready for school tomorrow when I hope to be able to post some of the photographs of the activities.

     Boys of Lodge 21!

  Joys of Gorge Walking

 The Low Ropes course

Polio campaign

A big thank you to all the children and families who gave a donation to the rotary polio campaign.  Mr McPhee came and talked to the children about it on the 11th of March and children put their donations in the yellow bucket.  Thanks to the P7 pupils who took the bucket round the classes each day.   We raised in total £160,    that means that 800 children will be vaccinated against this dreadful disease.   We have been able to provide vaccines for the equivalent number of children in our school  and nursery and 270 more.  

at last purple flowers
more purple crocuses
the birds didn’t get these ones!

No mean feat.   Not only that ,  the purple crocuses that the rotary gave us were in bloom in the pots at the front door at the same time.

P1 Coffee morning

P1 classes have spent the last 4 weeks planning their coffee morning in aid of the Marie Curie Daffodil Appeal. They planned the guest list, designed posters and invitations, decided on what food should be provided, baked and prepared the food, planned a layout for the hall and, today, it went off without a hitch!

As well as serving their guests, the classes gave a gymnastic display.

??Pupils from P1D and P1H have also been responsible for selling daffodils in school for the past two weeks.

The final total raised isn’t yet known because P2 and P3 will be accepting donations for the charity at their concert on Monday. At the moment, the figure is over £600 but we hope to be able to tell you the final total by Tuesday afternoon.

                                       Table decorations by P1

P6 School Camp

P6 pupils and 6 staff are off to camp at Newcastleton on Monday 4th April.  They are looking forward to a week of fun and challenge.  Some of the activities planned are abseiling, canoeing, hillwalking and swimming.

Visit to Cockenzie House

Yesterday, P3L had an interesting visit to Cockenzie House.  As well as looking around the grounds at the Grotto and the pond, doing drawings in the grounds and playing Victorian games,  they had a short tour of the house. 

dscf3625                          The Grotto

dscf3644                       The gardens

dscf3643                   Cockenzie House

dscf3628                   Shells used to decorate a wall

 P3 made calling cards to take with them

                                 Models of the Nandi Bull

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