Health week update 25th to 29th May 2009

Health Week began with the whole school holding Sports Day on Monday afternoon.   This year the sun shone and the children enjoyed an afternoon away from their desks and hard work.   The event took the form of a potted sports ,  testing skills and stamina. 

 Tuesday  had everyone dancing  away with Andy McKechnie from Street Jam and on Wednesday , Emma Biggart from Active Schools ran the Funky Fitness sessions in the gym hall while some P6 and 7 pupils were competing at Meadowbank with some chlldren getting through to the final heats. 

LA dance supplied the action on Thursday with some amazing moves on view and Dougie Thomson took the  P1 to P4 classes through their paces on the field with some rugby skills training.  

The evening event  on Thursday had over 250 visitors to the school hall where there were displays  on the body made by the P5L and P5/6 , First aid and Heart Start by P7 V, Bannantynes, Roots and Shoots, people from the NHS, Dental health,  Active schools, Sports Plus,  Dr Bike was in the playground,  you could even have your nails done to name but a few.  Outdoor education had a stand and East Lothian Council were represented  too.  All aspects of health were covered, you could even have your BMI done! There were yoga sessions, multisports , football skills, and aerobics to join in with and LA dance  demonstrated their routines on the stage.  It was nice to see some former pupils taking part in this.  ABEL( Anti Bullying East Lothian) had a stand too.  Lots of tips on how to have healthy snacks and packed lunches were available and lots of free gifts.

Friday morning saw the sun shine on the Funrun and Sponsored walk,  the week ending as it had begun with  all the children  involved in the same activity.   The older children set off for the promenade in stages and were rewarded with an ice lolly when they returned.   The P1 to P3 children went round a circuit in the school grounds and had their lolly afterwards too.

A big thankyou to Mrs Corr for organising such a successful  week,  I am sure everyone at Cockenzie Primary is more aware of how to keep healthy and fit.   Thanks to everyone who helped in any way.

Health Week at Cockenzie Primary School

An exciting week of events has been organised for Health Week at Cockenzie Primary School. 

Monday              Sports Day   P1-P7
Tuesday             Street Jam    Nursery to P7
Wednesday         Funky Fitness    P3-4   
Meadowbank Athletics for some P6and P7 pupils
Thursday            Rugby    P1-P4
LA dance for P5-P6
Whole School Health Fair for  pupils and their families  6.00pm -8.00pm
Friday                Fun Run in School grounds  P1-3
Sponsored walk along the promenade  P4-7





P6 hold school camp exhibition.

P6 at Cockenzie Primary had a great week at school camp,  held at  Whithaugh in Newcastleton from the 27th April to 1st of May.  They went abseiling, kayaking, on the high wires and did some mountain biking, toname but a few of the  They also became dab hands at doing the dishes, wiping tables and sweeping floors.  Making their beds was a bit of a challenge for them too.  Once back at school,  the children then worked in groups to produce an exhibition for their parents to visit and share  their experience.  The childen were very inventive and creative.   There were beds to be made, toast to be cooked,  models of the activity courses to look at.     Lots of parents came to see the exhibition and the children enjoyed sharing their experiences with them.

Talent show for Breast cancer

On the last Thursday before Easter P7 pupils from Cockenzie primary ran a talent show to raise money for Breast cancer.  They  organised the auditions at lunch times and eventually selected the main contenders for the event.   Miss Drummond and Miss Leith helped to supervise the event but took a back seat throughout the proceedings.   There was quite a range of performers  with singing and dancing, some in groups and even solo performers.   The classes who came to watch voted for their star performer and a panel of P7 experts passed comment on the acts.   This was a most enjoyable afternoon for all concerned, the parents of the finalists came to watch too and £250 pounds was raised for Breast Cancer.  Well done P7,    and well done to Anna MCSorley who was voted best act.

Successful P7 Bookfair

P7 D pupils organised a book fair for the school recently.  The children had to apply for the jobs they thought they would be good at.  

Chloe was general manager and said, ” This was very enjoyable but a real challenge at times.  It was hard keeping track of evrything and everyone.”

Casey who was process orderer said,  “I really enjoyed it.  I had to keep track of all the orders that were placed. It was really hard to hear the nursery children, they were so small and quiet.”

Craig was responsible for finance and selling.  “It was really difficult at times, ” he said,  ” customers would crowd round instead of making a queue and they all wanted served at once.   I liked filling in my job application but I found writing my CV hard. 

Kyle said,  “I applied for a job as a runner because I like to be active and on my feet.  I had to collect the classes and bring them to the hall.  When I wasn’t doing that I learned how to fill in the order book.  I want an active job when I’m older.  My mum helped me with my job application because she used to do that in her job.”


They had to timetable viewing vists fot the 15 classes in the school as well as the 6 classes in the nursery.  These took place in the 1st week and in the second week the children bought their books.   The bookfair was a resounding success,  the childen enjoyed their visits and then bought books to the tune of £2500.    This, of course, means that the  school can now order books with the commission from these sales.   Mrs McKirdy, one of the P7 parents,  came in to help the children on a daily basis.  

 A big thank you to the P7D pupils,  Ms Drummond, Mrs borthwick and Mrs McKirdy for all their hard work.

Red Nose Day at Cockenzie Primary

This morning children and teachers came to school dressed funny to raise money for Comic relief. All that was needed to take part was a donation for dressing up. There were people wearing red, people with their clothes on back to front, boys dressed as girls, pants on the outside to name but a few.
Red noses had also been on sale during the week and every single one was sold! There were red noses galore in the corridors and classrooms.
We sang the comic relief song at assembly and a goodie bag was given to the best dressed up child in each class. Over £500 was raised by Cockenzie for Comic relief, Well done to everyone.

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