Rights Respecting School Steering Group

Who Are We? 

The Rights Respecting School Steering Group is made up of pupils, staff and adults from the wider community.  We meet regularly to discuss how we can foster rights-respecting values in our school and local area.

What Are We About?

  • The steering group is helping the school to achieve the Rights Respecting School Award Status.
  • We are telling children about their rights and responsibilities.
  • We are helping people understand that we all have rights and responsibilities.
  • We are improving pupil voice throughout our school.

What Have We Been Doing?

Last year we received our  ‘Recognition of Commitment’ award for our Rights Respecting School work.   We have now completed all the criteria for our Level 1 assessment and have sent off our self evaluation.  We hope to have a date for our assessment visit very soon.

  • We have continued to survey children, teachers and parents to see how we are meeting rights and responsibilities in our school.
  •  We raised awareness of our rights and the work the group is doing by speaking in assembly and putting up displays around the school.
  • We communicated information about our goals and the RRS Award via our school newsletter and parent information leaflets.
  • We used assemblies to share information about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) with parents and our school community.
  • We have recruited lots of new members to our Steering Group from the wider school community.
  • We wrote rights and responsibilities charters for the communal areas of our school – all pupils will vote and agree on these and when we put them out on display.
  • We have embedded rights and responsibilities into all of our school policies.
  • We have added to our portfolio of evidence to show the work we have been doing, in preparation for our assessment.
  • We have written a programme of activities for each class to focus on during our ‘Getting To Know You’ topic at the start of the new session.
  • We have finished our whole-school charter and now have to get as many people to sign it as possible
  • We completed our Level 1 self evaluation and are now waiting for our assessment date to be set

What Has The Whole School Been Doing?

  • Each class has taken turns to talk about rights and responsibilities in our assemblies
  • Each P1-7 class elected an RRS representative to join the steering group
  • The pupils and teachers of every class worked together to create a ‘Rights and Responsibilities Charter’ for their rooms.
  • All classes have been busy learning about rights and responsibilities through topic work in Social Studies, RME and Health & Wellbeing
  • All classes have contributed to displays around the school focussing on rights and responsibilities.
  • Everyone contributed to assemblies about Fairtrade, ECO and Anti-Bullying.
  • We helped with fundraising for lots of charities who support children’s basic rights including supporting Longniddry Rotary Club’s Purple Pinkie Campaign.

What Are We Going To Do Next?

  • Let everyone know the date of Level 1 assessment
  • Continue to share ideas with other rights-respecting schools in our Cluster
  • Set up a link with another school in the Global Community to encourage awareness of fair-trade the CRC
  • Hold workshops for parents to help them learn about the CRC and encourage them to make a smily charter with their children
  • Continue to make links within the wider community including, Cockenzie House and the Community Council
  • Begin work on our International Award from the British Council
  • Organise a ‘Family Quiz Night’ to raise money for the UNICEF Philippines Appeal

We will continue to meet every month to talk about what we’ve been doing and create new plans.  We will be working in partnership with the Pupil Council, Health, ECO & Fairtrade groups, as well as the PTA and the School Council.

If you are interested in supporting our work and would like to join the Steering Group, we would be delighted to have you on board.  Please contact a member of school staff or email us for further information.


View the latest RRSA newsletter here.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact a member of the Steering Group.



Here is short video about the history of the UNCRC.




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