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P7V Kennings

P7V did some wonderful kennings recently and here is a small sample of their brilliant work!



Tea drinker
Bad thinker
Dinner maker
Great baker

Big cleaner
Room preener
Clothes presser
Snazzy dresser

Big moaner
Body toner
Always buying
Never lying

By Chloe


Fish muncher
People cruncher
Seal chewer
Big pooer

Big size
Very wise
Fast dasher
Coral smasher

Hammer head
Little bed
Big meals
Small seals

By Dylan


Moon howler
Alaskan prowler
Indian soul
Counsin of a dhole

Snow lover
Lots of brothers
Team player
Deer slayer

Alpha leaders
Meat needers
Great sniffers
Wet wiffers

Tundra thrivers
Great survivor
Grey fur
Doesn’t purr

By Morgan


Big hopper
Belly flopper
Nose twitcher
Clothes switcher

Poo dropper
Grass stopper
Quick breeder
Carrot feeder

Vegetable peeler
Broccolli stealer
Fast bouncer
Huge pouncer

By Finlay


Flower picker
Giant knickers
Very wise
In disguise

False teeth
Corned beef
Curly hair

Fancy pillows
Sticky willows
Massive glasses
Knitting classes

By Claire