Nursery Events – October to December 2023

Dear Parents/Carers

Below is a reminder of Nursery events from October to December 2023 that was emailed to you last week.

Click here for printable copy:

If you are unable to make your child’s ‘Stay and Play’ session please let your child’s key worker know and we can re-arrange this with you.

Thank you for your support,
The Nursery Team

This week

This week we have been busy welcoming new children and settling back into nursery life. We have already been to visit the school library and we plan to start visiting Cockenzie and Port Seton Library as soon as we have some volunteers to walk with us.

We would also like to start our Weekly Wander next week and again need volunteers for this.

Over the next two weeks we are focusing on learning to say numbers forwards and backwards. We are also trying to recognise numerals and exploring shapes. You can help us at home by singing number songs and looking out for shapes and numerals as you go about your day.

This week we have been given a rowing boat from Reuse Scotland. The children loved taking turns sitting in it, fishing and rowing. The boat is in need of a bit of work so if any parents, grandparents or other family members have any experience in upcycling boats and would be willing to help please let us know.

Unfortunately we could not post pictures of the boat as the children were excitedly playing in it and not all photo consent forms have been returned yet. If you still have forms outstanding, please return them as soon as possible.


Please let us know if you can join us for Come Dine with Me.

If the day your child’s group have been allocated is unsuitable, please speak to a member of the nursery team and we will try and give you another day.



After patiently watching our ten caterpillars get bigger and then spin chrysalises, we finally had the opportunity to watch them emerge as beautiful butterflies. Before releasing them in the nursery garden, the children had the opportunity to let the butterflies sit on their hands. The children were all very gentle with the butterflies and stayed very still so they wouldn’t scare the them.