The Progression of Drawing

In the nursery this week we have been busy developing our drawing skills. We are all at different stages and there are lots of opportunities to enhance our drawing throughout the nursery and outdoors.

Here are stages of drawing:

Scribbling – we make random marks on the page, my pencil often does not leave the the paper.

Mark Making – we make marks with greater control and shapes or patterns may appear.

Faces – We draw faces, sometimes with arm and legs coming from them.

Bodies – we add bodies to our drawings with arm and legs coming from it.

More Detail – Our drawings are becoming more representational.

Detailed Drawing – Our drawings are purposeful and express our ideas.


In our gather groups this week the nursery team have begun to introduce the children to the icons for each of the GIRFEC wellbeing indicators. The icons which were designed by the Care Inspectorate will be used to help the children understand what they need to thrive and grow. The nursery team will be encouraging the children to use the language of the wellbeing indicators during everyday conversations.

Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible, Included

World Book Day

As we were unable to dress up in nursery today some of our children sent us photos of their outfits.

This last picture made both Mrs Pollard and Mrs O’Connor smile as the Faraway Tree was one of their favourite childhood books. Mrs O’Connor’s daughter kindly let the nursery borrow one of her books and Mrs Pollard read some of the story to the children. Afterwards some of the children drew pictures of the characters.

Welcome back again!

It was fantastic to welcome the children back into nursery today. We have missed being with them over the last few weeks. They once again showed how resilient they are, returning as if they had never been away. This week we will also be welcoming some new children, who will be joining us across all of the groups. It is going to be a busy week.

We will upload some photos over the next few days to let you have a glimpse of just how happy we are to be back learning together again.