Daily Challenge – Mrs Hardman’s Weather and Water Cycle

Challenge – Can you make your own water cycle? This is a fun experiment to try at home.

We would love to hear your ideas – If anyone has any other ideas that the nursery team can make or experiments we can try please let us know and we definitely have a go. We will also then share them with everyone else that uses our blog . Send your ideas to cockenzienursery@edubuzz.org

You will need

one plastic zip-lock bag

Food colouring (not essential)

Marker pen


Draw some clouds at the top of the bag. Add a small amount of water, food colouring if you have it, into the bag and close it. With sellotape attach the bag to a window that has the sun shining on it. Wait and see what happens to the water. It could take several days to see any results. Good luck!

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