Exploring art.

These #curious girls were interested in learning about the ‘splatter’ technique of artist Jackson Pollock, they watched a documentary about him, looked at books about him and then had a go at using his technique themselves. #successful. This girls also collected stones on the beach and used them to make their friends from nursery.

3 thoughts on “Exploring art.”

  1. Wow your paintings are amazing well done girls. I love the technique you used it looks super fun maybe this is something you can show your friends when we are back at nursery, also love the way you have used the pebbles to make portraits of your friends very creative👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Awww girls this is lovely! ☺️ I’m missing painting at Nursery and can’t wait to get back and paint with everybody, maybe we could try Jackson Pollocks technique?

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