Rock Painting

Look, one of our nursery children has been busy collecting rocks and painting them. He has even painted a couple with messages for his friends.

Apparently he is not keen on talking about starting primary 1 in August. Instead he is just going to stay with Mrs Purves in the red group! This made us all smile!

4 thoughts on “Rock Painting

  1. Your rock paintings are great. So jealous of you being in the sea, was it cool or just nice? Mrs Hughson needs to be brave and give it a go.

  2. What lovely pictures, I like that you’ve sent messages to your friends on the stones – what a great idea! I’m going to collect some stones and paint on some for nursery. 😊

  3. I love these photos of you, your rock painting looks fab.
    You’re brave in the sea, no way i’d go that far in.
    As for staying with me ,if only i could keep you but i need to share you with the primary one teacher now and i keep telling you how much you’re gonna love it.
    Miss you loads x

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