Our final Continent, Antarctica!

This continent is a little different from the others as it has no countries in it and no people who live permanently there.

It is the southern most continent and is covered in ice, it is far too cold for humans to live there, but lots of scientists go there to carry out research. At Cockenzie Nursery we have been talking lots about how we can care for our planet, at the moment many people have stopped using aeroplanes, buses/cars and big boats. This can really help our planet as it reduces pollution and helps to stop the melting of the ice in Antarctica.

Can you remember other things that we can all do to help care for the planet?

Humans don’t live in Antarctica but lots of animals do.

I wonder how animals can stay warm enough to live here? Let’s do a little science experiment to find out!

Challenge – Can you be an Antarctic science researcher and find out how blubber helps to keep the animals warm?
You will need butter, a bowl, water, ice, cling film or a plastic sandwich bag and a timer!

Your hands represents the animals inner bodies, the butter represents the blubber and the bag/clingfilm is like a layer of skin.

  1. You will need to fill up a big bowl of cold water and put lots of ice in.
  2. Cover one hand with clingfilm.
  3. You then need to cover this hand in butter, make sure you use lots so it covers all your skin.
  4. Wrap your buttery hand in another piece of clingfilm or put it into your sandwich bag.
  5. Now place this hand in the icy water how long can you keep it in for? Use the timer!
  6. Try with your other hand that has no butter or bag on.
  7. Which hand can you keep in the water the longest?

The world is so big and it is exciting to explore different places and learn about all the wonderful people and animals who live here! We hope you have enjoyed Diversity Week! 🙂

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