Our Learning Stories

We love looking through our learning stories to remind us of all our achievements and experiences throughout our time at nursery. The ante pre-school children should all have their learning stories at home right now to share with their adults and return them back to nursery by the end of the week and the pre-school children will have their learning stories home next week so that they can keep them forever!

Ready, steady, go!

Today was sports day! Unfortunately due to the current circumstances we couldn’t invite all our adults but because we didn’t want the children to miss out we continued as we would, without spectators. For this reason, the children had the opportunity to cheer the other groups on from their bubbles.

We had a running race, an egg and spoon race, welly throwing and a bean bag race. Every child that participated was achieving, healthy and active today and we all had so much fun!

The blue and orange group in action.

Look at the purple group go!

Well done red and yellow group!