Happy Graduation to all our wonderful Cockenzie Nursery children heading to Primary One!

We are sad we have not got to do all our usual graduation activities but we have made you a special video. The whole nursery team sends a big virtual hug and wishes you all good luck! Have a fantastic summer! ❤️

25 thoughts on “Happy Graduation to all our wonderful Cockenzie Nursery children heading to Primary One!

  1. Oh my word!! 😭😭😭 I know Noah is coming back, but this was really emotional to watch! Such a lovely video for the graduates! ❤️

  2. I’m crying 😭 watching this. Such a lovely video, really emotional now. Kenzie loved it. Copying the moves 😂. X

    • It was lovely seeing you guys yesterday and it was so lovely watching Kenzie ride her bike how amazing well done !!

  3. This is lovely , tears watching the video. Thank you all so much for everything the past two years. Amazing nursery and teachers. Lottie will miss you all x

  4. What a lovely video! Thank you all for everything – Matthew’s time may have been short but he certainly has amazing memories from Cockenzie Nursery and will kiss you all lots! xx

  5. Great video, tears are streaming from mum! Jay has had the best time at nursery and has made so many memories. Thank you for being amazing xx

    • It was so lovely to see you guys yesterday I wish I could have given Jay a big cuddle, can wait to see him in primary 1, hope you all have a lovely summer!!

  6. Aww this is lovely! Brought a tear to my eye. Thank you to all the staff for everything. Ethan (and me) will miss you all. You are all great xx

  7. What a lovely thing to do ❤️ Sitting in tears 🙈 too much for Mya, she couldn’t watch!
    Thank you ladies x see yous all soon xx

  8. The video was amazing. William has really enjoyed nursery. William made lots of memories with everyone. William will miss all his teachers especially Miss Connolly. William says thankyou to you all . Hope you all have a nice break. Thankyou xx

  9. I’m not even a crier and that just got me 😭 thank u so so much for everything over the last few years. Not just with Billie but lexie too. U have been amazing and my girls adore u. So grateful my girls got to go to such a fantastic nursery . Hope u all have an amazing summer. U deserve it xx

    • What a lovely thing to say,! sorry to have missed you yesterday when we dropped the certificate off , will miss you! X

  10. Wow!!! Well done ladies!! This was brilliant!!! Thank you all so very very much ! Gracie has loved her time With you all very much! Tears galore here, nothing new there 😭🤣 have a super summer , thanks so much again! 🥰🥰🥰
    Oh and thank you so much to Miss Neil and Mrs Purves for graduation drive by yesterday ! Gracie was so happy to have seen you both ❤️

    • It was so lovely seeing you all yesterday, wish I could have given Gracie a big cuddle, hope you all enjoy your summer!! See you soon x

  11. Oh my goodness that video should come with an emotional warning!!🥺😭 Thank you so much for everything you have done for Liam over the past 2 years. 😊 ❤️Miss Connolly turning up yesterday made his day…made his year actually! 🌈😁 He will miss you all so much. 😊 have a wonderful summer holiday and we’ll see you around, after the summer. Marie, Liam and the rest of the McMath family xxxx

  12. This video made me cry, Daniel loved watching this video and he said he’s going to miss you all. Thank you all so much for everything you have done with Daniel. Hope you all enjoy you’re holidays and I’ll see you all again in August when his sister starts nursery. 🥰💕

    • Will miss you too! Might see you when you’re sister is being brought to nursery 😁, have a lovely summer break x

  13. What a fab goodbye but it did bring tears😢
    Nathan said “I miss my nursery ladies very much”. He has had a ball throughout his time at nursery, one of his favourite places to be 😀
    Many thanks to you all for your hard work, enthusiasm, encouragement and support for both the children (and grown ups!). Have a well deserved summer break & hopefully will see you again 🙋🏼‍♂️🧸💙🥰 (emojis picked by Nathan)

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