North America and the Native American People.

North America is coloured in red on the map above.

The Native American people are the people who first lived in in North America. There were many different tribes of people who lived across the whole continent and there are still Native American people who live in America and Canada today.
I am sure lots of you have seen the film Pocahontas, that was based on a real Native American lady who lived a long time ago.

The Native American people built all kinds of homes to suit the different environments they lived in.

I wonder which house was the warmest? What do you think?

Mrs Pollard took her dog Jess for a walk in Butterdean Woods and whilst she was there she found some fantastic dens, we think they look just like wigwams!

Challenge – What can you find in your house or garden to build your own traditional Native American house?

I have seen so many beautiful pictures of the wonderful things you have all been collecting on your nature walks. Maybe you could also make a lovely Native American wind chime!