Nursery Graduation Surprise

We are so sad not to be able to do our normal end of nursery graduation for our pre-school children.

The nursery team have been busy at work over the last three weeks finishing their learning stories, writing their end comments and will be hand delivering these on Thursday to all of our nursery graduates. We will pop them through each person’s door but if you see the team then do give them a wave!

Here are some photographs of a few of our nursery children who have been having their own graduation parties.

5 thoughts on “Nursery Graduation Surprise”

  1. Love your graduation photos, very sad that we couldn’t get to see you all in your graduation gowns and give you your certificates so this is lovely to see.

  2. Lovely photos, you both look so grown up. It’s great to see and made me smile. Well done. 😊

  3. Thank you for delivering Ethans folder of all his nursery stuff. Sorry we missed you. He would have loved to see you. X

  4. What lovely photos! Glad we got to see these lovely pictures of you in your gowns and enjoying your nursery graduation in your own ways. Congratulations x

  5. Lovely photos, very sad that we didn’t get to have our graduation day but I’m glad you celebrated with your family, I have missed you all so much !!

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