Today we are off to Africa! We will be exploring the country Kenya.

This is the Kenyan flag

Africa has lots of different countries in it. You can see in red where Kenya is on the map below. I wonder if you could find Scotland on your own today? It’s quite tricky, let us know if you can manage!

The Maasai tribe live in Kenya and northern Tanzania. They are famous for their beautiful singing and dancing. They also wear very colourful clothing. They often where red which is to scare away lions.

Can you dress up as a Maasai warrior?

The Maasai people wear beautiful necklaces that the Maasai women make with beads.

Challenge – Can you make your own Maasai necklace?
You will need a paper plate, scissors and paint/pens and glue if you would like to glue any beads/materials on. We also used ribbon at the bottom of our necklaces to add feathers and beads.

All you need to do is cut out the middle of the plate. If you fold the plate in half it is much easier. Next make one cut into the remaining circle so you can wear it as a necklace. Your adults can help you with some of the cutting if it is too hard. Then you are ready to decorate!

Wow, look at this fab design!

In Maasai tradition the young boys have jumping contests when they become Maasai warriors.

Here are some of our Cockenzie warriors having a go!

Who can jump the highest in your house?