Today we are off to Asia, we are going to explore the country India!

India is one of the largest countries on earth and has the second highest population in the world.

This is the Indian flag.
India is also home to lots of amazing wildlife including Indian elephants and the Bengal tiger.

There are lots of different religions in India. During Hindu festivals the people decorate with beautiful art called Rangoli. They use lovely bright colours and decorate the streets and their houses. The Rangoli is supposed to bring good luck.

Rangoli can be made with fabric materials, coloured sand, paint or even flower petals.

Challenge – Can you make your own Rangoli masterpiece?

Beautiful Rangoli art!

I am sure most of you have tried Indian curry before. It is my favourite food! Why not try making some tasty chapati’s, they are so simple and a great activity for developing fine motor skills.

Kneading is a great activity for building up hand muscles!
You don’t just have to eat them with curry, they taste fab with soup or even as a wrap with some cheese in!