After our parent calls some feedback we received was you would like more information on what we have for snack.

Here is an example menu of what we have for snack on a weekly basis. We always have one carbohydrate on the menu daily and always include at least one portion of fruit or veg. 

We ask the children before we order our shopping what foods they would like for snack.

Monday am

Cheese, crackers, melon and cucumber

Monday pm

Scotch pancake, plain yoghurt and berries

Tuesday am

Toast, beans, apple

Tuesday pm

Carrot sticks, cucumber, hummus and pitta

Wednesday am

Grapes, oatcakes, blueberries

Wednesday pm

Banana, rice cake/corn cake and pepper slices

Thursday am

Cream cheese, bagels, oranges and cherry tomatoes

Thursday pm

Breadsticks, tzatziki dip, pineapple

On Friday’s we try to have a more filling snack as we don’t have lunch in nursery:

Homemade Soup and bread 

Toasted panini or baguette with fillings such as ham/tuna/cheese

Roti pizza (roti covered with tomato purée topped with cheese and toppings)

Tomato/plain pasta or rice with veg such as broccoli/peas/carrots)

Scrambled eggs and toast

Fish finger sandwiches


Again all served with veg and/or fruit.

We offer milk or water only at nursery and water is available all day for the children.

We also do baking with the children some weeks. This is a great learning experience and we bake things such as banana bread, apple crumble and scones. We use low sugar recipes and serve a small portion of these with extra fruit/ veg on the side. 

Snack is on our Nursery Improvement Plan this year and as a team we are focusing on:

-Child involvement and learning opportunities (Meal planning and preparation).

-Providing healthy and nutritious snacks based on the ‘Setting the Table’ documnent and the ‘Food Matters’ government guidance

-Adding early literacy and numeracy opportunities into our snack times.

-Encouraging children to try and explore new foods

Photo’s of our snack routine will be uploaded soon for you all to see. 

We hope this was helpful 🙂 let us know your thoughts!

Displaying the children’s Art!

Sadly you can’t come and see all the beautiful art displayed on our walls just now so here is a glimpse of our displays!

I think you will all agree we have some amazing artists in nursery!

Arts and crafts are planned around calendar events and also through responsive planning around the children’s current interests.

This is our Learning Journey wall, here we display all the topics and activities we cover every month.

Keeping safe near our nursery fire!

Leading up to bonfire night we had lots of discussions about how we keep ourselves safe near fire.
This week we decided to put all our knowledge into action when Mrs Hardman made a campfire in our nursery garden!
Have a chat with your children at home about our fire rules- they are very Achieving Ali’s and Responsible Reggie’s!
We always need to have a bucket of water near the fire, stay out of the fire circle and the children learnt a safe way to get up and down from the log they are sitting on!

We will continue to have a campfire in our garden and plan to cook some tasty snack on it over the coming weeks!

Parent/Carer Consultations

Due to COVID 19 mitigations the nursery parent/carer consultations will be conducted by telephone calls, beginning Monday 8th November. Your child will be bringing home a note with your allocated time. Each call will be limited to no more than ten minutes but if you feel you need longer to discuss any aspect of your child’s learning, please mention this to your child’s keyworker and we can arrange another call at a later time.

Sharing our learning!

On Friday 5 Nov, your child will be bringing home their learning story to share their learning with you. The learning stories are a record of your child learning and development journey during their time at Cockenzie nursery. The entries in it are based on observations of your child’s play and interactions during both free play and more structured activities within the setting.

There is a feedback sheet after the last entry in your child’s learning story so you can share your thoughts on their learning with us. We would encourage you to fill this as your opinion matters to us and the feedback sheet will remain in your child’s learning story as part of their learning journey.

Can we ask you to return the learning stories to us on Monday 8 Nov, in time for the parent consultation phone calls.

As well as sharing the learning happening in nursery, we also value any learning or achievements your child has made at home and we love hearing about them.  To help you share their news with us, your child will also be bringing a  blank certificate home for you to complete and return to nursery. 

While we are happy to hear about any big achievements, we also love hearing about all of the little ones too, like eating peas for the first time or sleeping in their own bed.   We have also added a downloadable copy of the certificate in the pages sections on this blog so you can let us know about any other achievements as they happen. 



The nursery will be having a Halloween party on Friday morning.  Fancy dress is optional and please do not buy an outfit as we will be making masks in the nursery.   However, if your child does dress up can we ask that they don’t bring the accessories for their outfit, eg masks, wands and swords as there are always tears at the end of the day when these parts go missing.