Celebrating Rabbie Burns Birthday

In preparation for our Burns supper this week, the children had the opportunity to take a trip to the local shops to buy ingredients for the supper. On the way there we did lots of learning about road safety and we had lots of questions from our Curious Cats. We also were learning about money and what it is used for and the different ways we can pay for things. Thank you to the many helpers who accompanied us on our trips.

On Thursday we all sat down together and tried haggis, neeps and tatties, washed down with a taste of irn bru and finished off with some shortbread. Some children from primary 6 joined us to demonstrate some Scottish dancing and then the nursery children had a go by themselves.

Curious Cats

Introducing Cockenzie Primary School Values.

This week we have introduced the children to the values of Cockenzie Primary School. Each value has a character to make it easier for the children to relate to. If you have older children in the school you may have already come across these characters. We have been and will continue to be referring to these characters whenever possible within our nursery day to ensure the children will become familiar with them.

Curious Cat
Positive Penguin
Successful Snail
Respectful Rhino

Our Nursery Vision, Values and Aims

Over the course of the past year we, as a nursery team, have been evaluating our nursery vision, values and the aims we hold for all of our children.

We decided to align ourselves with the school’s vision and values. You may have heard your children coming home discussing that they were being; Curious Cats, Positive Penguins, Successful Snails and Respectful Rhinos. 

We would love to hear feedback from our families on this work so please feel free to comment here or drop a comment into our comment box in the nursery.

School lunches

Thank you to everyone who has helped us out by ordering lunches online. The number of lunches input from Tuesdays to Thursdays is consistently high but the numbers drop on a Monday and the first day back after a holiday. We appreciate that it is easy to forget but if we can ask you to try and remember to input your child’s lunch choice at these times it would be really helpful. The number of children with no lunch choice at these times can tie up a member of the nursery team for up to 2 hours because we have to input all of the missed lunches.

If you provide a packed lunch for your child can we ask you to log in and choose a packed lunch on the system as again we have to go in and make this choice for each child.

Lastly only Friday lunches ordered online by Wednesday morning will be made up and delivered by the school kitchen. We are no longer able to go in and amend the Friday order.

Happy New Year

Welcome back. We hope all of our children and their families had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to the new term. We welcome back Mrs Beth Shearer who has rejoined our team for the next few weeks to help as numbers grow with the arrival of eight new children joining us next week.

Thank you for all of the responses to our questionnaire asking for feedback on the nursery. The responses have been very positive and we are currently collating the information so we can feedback to parents and carers and answer some of the questions raised.