Our library trip!

The orange group went to the library today, we had a great time reading stories, singing and exploring the library! Ziggy the alien came with us and was very impressed with the children’s road safety! We were all very Safe Sally’s. A big THANK YOU to our parent helpers!

Our library slot is from 10.30am to 11.00am on Tuesdays and the other groups will be going over the coming weeks. If you would like to be a parent helper for these visits please let your child’s key worker know.

Celebrating our achievements from home.

Our amazing achievements board is filling up nicely. Thank you to everyone who has sent in a certificate for their child. We love sharing in all of their achievements and successes. We will continually up date the board so please keep on sending in your child’s news.

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Achieving Ali

Introducing the Cockenzie Pea People

You may or may not have heard your child talking about Sally, Hugo and friends. These are not new children in our nursery but are in fact the names of our Cockenzie Pea People.

Part of our nursery development plan last year was to improve how we embed the GIRFEC wellbeing indicators into everyday life in the nursery. Our aim was to find a way to explain to the children what they need to help them grow, develop and thrive. We decided to name the wellbeing icons from the Care Inspectorate documents and use them as characters to help the wellbeing words become part of everyday conversation in the nursery.

The children are encouraged to think which icon relates to different parts of their lives and we have pictures of the pea people up around the nursery. You will also see them appearing on the entries in the children’s learning stories.

Remembrance Day

Yesterday we celebrated Remembrance Day at nursery. It was a really busy day with group discussions and a short video to watch. We decorated poppy shortbread for our snack and made some beautiful poppy artwork. All the children did a fantastic job remaining quiet for one whole minute!!
We also started making poppy wreaths using branches from our willow tree in the garden. We plan to take these to the Remembrance memorial on our walk next week.

A message from our school House and Vice Captains!

Dear Parents/Carers We would like to inform you that on Friday the 19th November we will be holding a dress down day for Children in Need 2021.“Together we can” Your child can wear something yellow, yellow and spotty, spotty, Pudsey accessories or just dress down. SUSU supports Children in Need » Students' Union BlogIf you can, we would appreciate it if your child could bring in a small donation. Every little donation helps. Thank you Cockenzie House and Vice Captains