Ready, steady, go!

Today was sports day! Unfortunately due to the current circumstances we couldn’t invite all our adults but because we didn’t want the children to miss out we continued as we would, without spectators. For this reason, the children had the opportunity to cheer the other groups on from their bubbles.

We had a running race, an egg and spoon race, welly throwing and a bean bag race. Every child that participated was achieving, healthy and active today and we all had so much fun!

The blue and orange group in action.

Look at the purple group go!

Well done red and yellow group!

5 thoughts on “Ready, steady, go!”

  1. These are brilliant! Noah hasnt stopped talking about sports day today! He loved how everyone was cheering each other on! ❤️

  2. Jessica loved sports day yesterday. She was showing us what she was doing and loved cheering everyone on 🙂

  3. Aww they look like they all had a great time. Darcie loved it, she was telling us all about it yesterday 🥰

  4. The purple group really loved sports day, they had such a good time, its lovely to hear that they came home and told you all about it.

  5. The yellow group looked at the photos at gather this morning and thought
    ‘it was really good’
    ‘it was really tiring’
    ‘I liked doing the stone and spoon race’
    ‘it was after lunch’
    ‘I liked the bean bag race’
    ‘I liked the running race’
    ‘I liked the bean bag race’

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