Daily Challenge – When have you been positive today?

Over the course of this year we have worked hard to embed the school values of curiosity, positivity, success and respect within the nursery. These are values that we look for all of our children to value from age 3 to age 13.

Positive – When were you positive today? Maybe you tried something that you find hard or you did something to make yourself and others feel positive.

Miss Rogerson’s Challenge – Have a look through old photo’s in photo albums or even on a phone. Who is in your family? 
Once you have had a look at photos and had a chat about who is all in your family make a family tree. 

You will need;

Paper, scissors, glue, and photo’s (or you can draw your family) 

Miss Rogerson says “Here is a picture of me when I was little with my sister Rachel. My tree will need lots of branches as I have a big extended family! Is your family a big family or a small one? Families come in all shapes and sizes and everyone’s family tree will look different.”