Daily Challenge – When have you been successful today?

Over the course of this year we have worked hard to embed the school values of curiosity, positivity, success and respect within the nursery. These are values that we look for all of our children to value from age 3 to age 13.

Successful – When have you felt successful today? Did you manage to do something new? Or did you achieve a target that you had been working hard at? How did this make you feel?

Tray Carrying Challenge – At Cockenzie Primary School Nursery we all visit the lunch hall together. Carrying a lunch tray laden with food and a drink is tricky and so the nursery team help to do this. Our children transitioning into primary 1 in August will be asked to carry a lunch tray so Miss Neil came up with the fun idea that everyone could practise carrying a lunch tray.

We would love to see videos and photos of you carrying a tray. Can you manage to have items on the tray? Maybe as a family you could make a tray obstacle course.

As always send your videos and photographs to cockenzienursery@edubuzz.org