Primary 1 Google Meets

All of our Primary1s are invited to join their teacher(s) for a Google Meet on Wednesday 24th June. The times and links for the Google Meets are below.

Google Meet is the platform we use in East Lothian Council. Please do not hesitate to get in contact before your child’s Google Meet if you are having any technology issues in using Google Meet by emailing

*UPDATE* Many of you are reporting that you have been asked to log in. Apologies, you may have to set up a google account or use an existing google account in order to access Google Meet. If you have a child with an edubuzz account then that will also work.


  • Try opening Google Meet to check if you need to download anything first.
  • Chrome web browser often works best with Google Meet as it is the Google browser.
  • To join the google meet press on the link or copy and paste it into a browser.
  • Check how to mute and unmute your microphone as you may be asked to mute if there are a lot of voices speaking together to allow one voice to be heard.
  • Google Meet works on both computers and via the app on tablets/phones.

P1A GOOGLE MEET – 10AM Use the following link

P1B GOOGLE MEET – 10.30AM Use the following link

11 thoughts on “Primary 1 Google Meets”

  1. Do we make our own google account to be able to sign in? As i know with the older kids its their log in for google classroom?

  2. Good question; no you will be able to join the google meet without having a log in. You may, however, need to download the app or software to allow you to do it.

  3. When I click on the link to try it so I am ready for tomorrow it asks for log in details. Il try set up an account or I could use Connor’s? Im nervous I miss tomorrow.

  4. I have done a test run and it allowed us in with no log in however if you are being asked for one then Connor’s one will work fine 🙂

  5. I clicked the link and it says “invalid video call name”.
    I’m signed into Nathans Google Classroom account. Will that work or do I have to use my private account?

    1. Yes Nathan’s account should work fine. I have never come across the invalid video call name before but it could be linked to the name that you appear as.

    1. Hi Mrs O’Connor, I have tried the link and I’m presuming the “invalid name” error is because its not a live meeting yet? I have a google meet account but only every used a code before and not the link.

      1. I am so glad you have all been checking the link. I have just updated the links this minute and I am hoping that they are now ready but as you say will not be live until tomorrow. My fingers are crossed they now work.

  6. Thank you so much for the call this morning!! Gracie loved meeting you both and seeing all her new classmates ❤️

  7. Billlie was delighted this morning to see everyone. She’s very excited to be starting school and even more excited to have the same teacher lexie had! 😂 xx

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