Sharing our learning!

On Friday 5 Nov, your child will be bringing home their learning story to share their learning with you. The learning stories are a record of your child learning and development journey during their time at Cockenzie nursery. The entries in it are based on observations of your child’s play and interactions during both free play and more structured activities within the setting.

There is a feedback sheet after the last entry in your child’s learning story so you can share your thoughts on their learning with us. We would encourage you to fill this as your opinion matters to us and the feedback sheet will remain in your child’s learning story as part of their learning journey.

Can we ask you to return the learning stories to us on Monday 8 Nov, in time for the parent consultation phone calls.

As well as sharing the learning happening in nursery, we also value any learning or achievements your child has made at home and we love hearing about them.  To help you share their news with us, your child will also be bringing a  blank certificate home for you to complete and return to nursery. 

While we are happy to hear about any big achievements, we also love hearing about all of the little ones too, like eating peas for the first time or sleeping in their own bed.   We have also added a downloadable copy of the certificate in the pages sections on this blog so you can let us know about any other achievements as they happen.