Online Exercise

Joe Wicks, the Body Coach, is running daily PE lessons on his you tube channel at 9am. Mrs Erussard’s kids have loved joining in. Why not join in too tomorrow morning by watching at

Cosmic Kids Yoga is another fantastic you tube channel and Mrs O’Connor’s girls have really enjoyed working through their fun sessions. Why not give it a try at

7 thoughts on “Online Exercise”

  1. We are loving the morning exercise with joe, must say Mya gave up very quickly to sit and laugh at me. My legs are sore today after yesterday 🙈

  2. 2 million people joined Joe Wicks this morning in his live!

    Boys and I have added his PE class as part of our morning routine… I can tell you…its hard..but fun for the whole of the family!

  3. Nathan has joined Joe’s PE lesson with his brother. Even our dog Sam tried to join in!!!

  4. Daniel has loved doing this the past few days. He said ‘I’ve seen this man at my nursery’

  5. We did joe wickes for the first time today! The boys enjoyed it – I think I may join in tomorrow 🙂 he is definitely going to become part of our morning routine!

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