Transition into Primary 1

All of our families who have a child going into Primary 1 in August will receive an email this morning with information about how we are supporting Transition into Primary 1.

If you have not received an email please contact us at

There is now a tab on the menu at the top of this blog that is called Transition. All of the documents that I send by email will also be available there.

Miss Ness’ Reading Challenge

Miss Ness has been busy making these beautiful alphabet discs for the children to use when they return to nursery.

Challenge – How many of the letters can you recognise? You can use the pictures on the discs to help you. Can you read the words that Miss Ness has made?

Normally at nursery level children recognise letters that are meaningful to them, e.g. letters in their names or family names. As they prepare for primary 1 then they will become aware of a greater number of letters and some can start forming short, three letter words.

TIP Make sure you are saying the letter sound and not what the letter is called when you are helping your child to start recognising letters, e.g. a = ahhh not aye

Practising Writing

Look at this great writing! Good job at practising writing your name.

Lots of children tend to hold their pencil at nursery age by wrapping their fingers around the pencil/crayon. This is completely normal however as your child progresses on to writing more formally and as their drawings also develop you can help your child to get into a more formal ‘tripod grip’ by doing lots of activities that involve pitching, e.g. pinching play dough, picking up dice, drawing using tiny crayons.