Mrs Hardman’s Storytelling Challenge

Look at this fantastic story one of our children created;

Once upon a time there was a man on his horse, he was a knight, he was riding through the woods. He needed to chop down trees because he needed to build a house. The house was for all his knight friends and the king and the queen to stay in for a hundred years. A baby panther was in the woods, all the knights trained it and let it stay for a hundreds years. The end

Mrs McLeod’s Easter Egg Challenge

Mrs McLeod is the art teacher for the school and she has created this set of instructions for making Easter eggs using items you’d find in your kitchen.

Challenge – Can you make an easter egg using cardboard and tinfoil? Can you design a pattern for it? You might want to do what Mrs McLeod does and put cardboard under the tin foil or you might want to just draw your pattern straight onto the tin foil.

As always, we’d love to see your finished products so keep sending us your photographs to

Mrs Hardman’s Story Telling Challenge

Remember when we made up our stories at Nursey ?
Mrs Hardman has taken 3 pictures; could you make up a story using them as a prompt?You can add anything you want to create your story. It could be about a dragon, a cake, a balloon, a flower; it’s your story so anything can happen!
Just like we did at nursery why not start your story with “Once upon a time…”

We would love to hear your stories so please send them to

Spring – Can you find any signs of spring?

If we were in nursery right now we would be beginning to explore what happens in Spring.

Mrs Hughson took some lovely pictures when she was out for a walk at the weekend that shows us that plants are starting to grow which and there are tiny buds on the trees. These are all signs of spring.

Can you find any other signs of spring?