Loose Part Snowman

The snow may have melted but that won’t stop us building a snowman! Have a look in your house, can you find anything to create your own snowman? Cotton wool pads are great for his body, I wonder what you can find to make his eyes and nose…

Remember to send us in a photo of your snowmen if you can to cockenzienursery@edubuzz.org 

Mrs Pollards Ice making challenge!

The temperature is due to be -1 degrees tonight, the perfect temperature to try and make some ice outside! Place water (and whatever items you want to freeze) into a tub and add a piece of string. Leave this outdoors all night and see what happens…

Was it cold enough overnight? If not you can try again when the weather is due to be below zero degrees!

Stick Art

Have you still got some sticks from your walk? Why not make a lovely winter tree picture!

If you don’t have glue at home, no problem! Why not use your sticks to make a winter transient art picture instead. Have a look around the house maybe you could use some Christmas tree decorations or tinsel to add some sparkle to your picture. We would love to see your masterpieces, send us a photo in if you can!

Stickman Ice Challenge

We have been loving reading “Stickman” by Julia Donaldson. Do you have the book at home? If not you can listen to the audio version on youtube. You can also watch the special narration of it here



Can you make your own stickman with the sticks you found on your walk? Once you have made him place him in a big bowl, pour water over him and put him in the freezer. What do you think will happen to the water? How long does the water take to freeze?

Stickman is stuck in the ice! Can you help free him so he can return to the family tree? Explore the different properties of ice, how does it feel? Is it hot or cold? How are you going to free him?

What about making up a new verse for the book. What happened to stickman, why is he covered in ice? Maybe he went for a swim or fell in a puddle..

Winter week!

At nursery we always focus on the different seasons throughout the year.

Ask your child if they know what season it is? Can they tell you anything about Winter?

Today’s challenge is to go outside for a nice wintery walk. You can discuss what clothes we wear in winter, and why we wear them. What do the trees look like? Can you spot any animals?

If you see any twigs and sticks can you collect them and we can use them for Tuesdays challenge!

After your walk maybe you could have a nice warm drink and make a cozy den with blankets and cushions, the perfect place for a story and to get all warmed up again.

In Edinburgh there has been lots of snow. I have seen lots of boys and girls sledging and making snowmen, have you got any pictures you can send in of your wintery walks?