Friday 20 March

Just wanted to say that despite everything going on in the world just now, we have managed to have a lovely week with your children. They have made us laugh and at the end of the week they have made us cry. Thank you for all of the lovely comments we have received, the nursery team have really appreciated all of them and they have lifted our spirits. We intend to use this blog to keep in touch with everyone and ask that you use it to share pictures, comments or even just to say hello while we are all at home. No matter how long this takes we will get through it and get back to nursery at some point but in the meantime stay healthy and look after your families.

Keeping our hands clean!

This week in response to the current health situation, we decided to focus our gathers on making sure all of our Responsible Rhinos know how to wash their hands thoroughly. So we could explain to the children how germs are spread, if we do not wash our hands properly, each group took part in a bread experiment. This involved collecting three slices of bread. The first only touched by a gloved hand, the next rubbed with dirty hands and coughed on and the last slice handled after the children washed their hands. Over the next few weeks we will be watching the slices of bread closely to see what happens.

Fire, fire

After a flurry of interest in the Fire service, Fraser Harris, a parent of the nursery kindly offered to come in and talk to the children about his job as a Firefighter. The children loved watching the film Fraser made for them with the help of his colleagues at the fire station in Edinburgh Airport. Miss Ness and Miss Connolly along with two children then modelled some of the uniform and equipment used by firefighters, with other children being able to try the uniforms on after Fraser’s talk.

This week…

This week some of the children have been working on their literacy skills with Mrs Hardman. The children were asked to make up a story, which Mrs Hardman scribed for them. They then used the cloakroom area to mark out a stage where they took turns acting out their stories, choosing other children to play the characters.

These successful snails have been working on still life pictures with Mrs Purves. One of the boys in the red group has a particular interest in wild animals and after sharing his facts with some of his friends the children asked for the jungle animals to be put in the small world area. Mrs Purves then encouraged the children to try and paint the animals using the small world items as subjects. The children spent a lot of time getting the details right in their paintings and the results are fantastic.

Nature Play

It has taken us a while and a fair amount of organising but we were finally ready to start Nature Play this week. Miss Neil is leading the trips into the woods and the children will all get a chance to go for at least one session between now and the Easter holidays. A huge thank you to the parents who have volunteered to come with us as we would not be able to attempt this without you! These are some of the pictures from our first session.

During a very slow stroll to the woods the children are encouraged to look for interesting objects on the way which they can collect in their buckets to share with the rest of the group.

Once in the group the children sing a welcome song, share their interesting finds, this generally involves comparing the size, colour and shape of leaves and sticks and the counting of and describing the difference of a number of stones, all valuable literacy and numeracy learning. They then have have snack. This week snack was croissants, raisins and banana washed down with hot chocolate, milk or water.

The sessions do not have a fixed plan and are, as with all things nursery, led by the children. They can choose to explore within the boundary ropes, they can climb trees, water paint on the bark, play with sticks, play on the rope swing, build dens or anything else they can imagine.

The aims of the session are to help the children gain a sense of well being and health that comes from being outside, to feel nurtured, valued, included and part of a community, to establish a connection with nature and to learn to look after the environment, to develop a sense of adventure and arouse curiosity, to develop risk assessing skills and challenge their physical skills and to allow them to be able to play, discover independently and gain pleasure and a sense of achievement from this.

Some of our learning from this week.

Today we had a ‘sweet and sour’ snack! These curious cats enjoyed exploring their sense of taste at today’s snack. We had kiwi fruits providing the sour taste and a fairy cake supplying the sweet taste. As you can see there were lots of funny faces

We also made puppets while exploring our literacy skills.

There has been a lot of interest in the Fire Brigade this week, resulting in fire engines in the block area, exploring what we think we know about the Fire Brigade and lots of play with our small world fire station and fire engines.

February Break

Nursery will be closed from Monday 10th February and reopens on Tuesday 18th February.

Can we please ask you to order lunches for the week we return as soon as possible so that we do not have to chase large numbers of parents and carers on Tuesday 18th.

Have a lovely holiday.