Google Meets

A big thank you to all of the boys and girls (and grown ups) who joined the key group google meets this week. All of the nursery team really enjoyed seeing all of your smiling faces and the chance to meet some of the new children who will be joining us as soon as we get back to nursery.

Grown ups – As we explained during the meetings, these first meetings were just a chat and a chance to see if Google meets would work for us and we hope that all of your children enjoyed the chance to see their keyworkers and some of their friends. If everyone is happy to continue with the meets we are going to try and arrange key group meetings every two weeks. For the meetings we will let you know the week before what we intend to cover in the meeting, with all activities staying simple and informal.

For the next meetings which will be held in the week beginning the 1st February, we intend to have a scavenger hunt where the children will be sent off to find simple items easily found at home.

As always your feedback and comments would be most welcome to try and ensure we are meeting the needs of everyone.

Keeping busy.

These nursery girls have been keeping busy by learning dances from across the world. Their favourite was the Samba from Brazil. They also had fun planning a family adventure to have a bonfire on the beach. They took a picnic of pizza and hot chocolate, then finished off by toasting marshmallows on the fire. Sounds amazing girls and I love your dancing outfits.

We can’t wait to see you!

An email will be sent out today with the links for our key group Google meets, which will be held on either Wednesday 20 January or Thursday 21 January depending on your child’s coloured group. All of the instructions you will need to log in are included in the email, along with the meeting code. We hope you and your child can join us!