County Rangers

The children were very curious recently to learn about nocturnal animals. We explored other animals in our environment and extended their interest by having a visit from the County Rangers who brought stuffed animals to explore.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmas has arrived in nursery and the children have been busy making their Advent Calendars. The Yellow, Orange and Blue groups made a Christmas tree with number baubles and the Red and Purple group made a Santa with a number beard.

“Oh ,Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches.”

The children are very busy this morning decorating our tree.


The children have been very excited to explore hibernation. They have been talking about the dark nights which led us to conversations about nocturnal animals. They used the whiteboard and books to find out information and listened to stories at gather time.

The Progression of Drawing

In the nursery this week we have been busy developing our drawing skills. We are all at different stages and there are lots of opportunities to enhance our drawing throughout the nursery and outdoors.

Here are stages of drawing:

Scribbling – we make random marks on the page, my pencil often does not leave the the paper.

Mark Making – we make marks with greater control and shapes or patterns may appear.

Faces – We draw faces, sometimes with arm and legs coming from them.

Bodies – we add bodies to our drawings with arm and legs coming from it.

More Detail – Our drawings are becoming more representational.

Detailed Drawing – Our drawings are purposeful and express our ideas.

Who do you love?

We like to celebrate calendar events in the nursery and on the 14th February was Valentines Day. This is the day where we chat about people we love and why they are so special to us.

Here’s a little activity that you can do at home – all you need is a stone and a colouring pen. Make your Valentine Stone and give it to someone special.

We like to read lots of stories in nursery, this is one of our favourites. You can listen to it on “youtube.” Enjoy!

RSBP Big Garden Bird Watch 2021

It’s time to take part in our birdwatch, this takes place from today 29th until Sunday 31st.
Remember to put out your bird feeder and have your bird finders at the ready. Ask your grownups to help identify each bird and most importantly don’t forget to count each kind. Lastly please send in the information gathered, I’ll collate this and send it in to the RSPB.
Here are some birds that often come into peoples gardens, you might recognise some already. Happy Birdwatching!


To encourage the birds to visit our garden we are going to make a bird feeder. You can use literally anything to put your bird food in, for example; a cupcake case or a yoghurt pot. Today I am using a cardboard tube and rolling the food around it. I am using bird seed for one and a tasty treat of apples, bread and pine seeds for the other. Follow the steps in the pictures to make your own.

Can’t wait to see yours, remember to send in your photos so we can share them with your friends.