Small Acts of Kindness

This week we have talked a lot about looking after ourselves but it is super important to look after other people as well! The book in this video helps us understand why and gives us some examples of how we can look after eachother.

What did you think of the story?

How could you fill somebody’s bucket today?

Why don’t you try telling everyone in your house what you love most about them or draw somebody a nice picture?

Still not sure? Here is another lovely short story that might give you some ideas! Have a lovely weekend everybody!

Den Building Challenge

We love building dens in nursery! They can be a great place to go if you’re in the red zone, the blue zone or the yellow zone and want to get back into the green zone. Small cosy comfortable spaces help us to regulate our emotions and they’re lots of fun to build. 

Why don’t you try making your own using some bed sheets, a blanket or anything else you can think of lying around the house! Send in pictures if you can, we’d love to see your creations!

Food for fuel challenge

It is important for us to eat well and look after our bodies. Can you think of foods that might help us grow big and strong?

Mrs Banks has been busy making some healthy snacks and has taken pictures to give you some ideas to make your own. Have a go and send some pictures in if you can to show us your creations!

Days of the Week Song

We love to sing the days of the week song at gather time in nursery.

You can support your child with learning the days of the week by singing this song. You could also write out the days of the week to help with early letter/word recognition.

Once your child becomes familiar with the days of the week you could have fun working out which day it is today, which day it will be tomorrow and which day it was yesterday.

DAYS OF THE WEEK SONG (Adams Family Tune)

Day of the week (clap clap)

Days of the week (clap clap)

Days of the week, days of the week, days of the week (clap clap).

There’s Monday and there’s Tuesday, there’s Wednesday and there’s Thursday, there’s Friday and there’s Saturday and then there’s Sunday too. (Repeat top verse)

Today we are off to Asia, we are going to explore the country India!

India is one of the largest countries on earth and has the second highest population in the world.

This is the Indian flag.
India is also home to lots of amazing wildlife including Indian elephants and the Bengal tiger.

There are lots of different religions in India. During Hindu festivals the people decorate with beautiful art called Rangoli. They use lovely bright colours and decorate the streets and their houses. The Rangoli is supposed to bring good luck.

Rangoli can be made with fabric materials, coloured sand, paint or even flower petals.

Challenge – Can you make your own Rangoli masterpiece?

Beautiful Rangoli art!

I am sure most of you have tried Indian curry before. It is my favourite food! Why not try making some tasty chapati’s, they are so simple and a great activity for developing fine motor skills.

Kneading is a great activity for building up hand muscles!
You don’t just have to eat them with curry, they taste fab with soup or even as a wrap with some cheese in!

North America and the Native American People.

North America is coloured in red on the map above.

The Native American people are the people who first lived in in North America. There were many different tribes of people who lived across the whole continent and there are still Native American people who live in America and Canada today.
I am sure lots of you have seen the film Pocahontas, that was based on a real Native American lady who lived a long time ago.

The Native American people built all kinds of homes to suit the different environments they lived in.

I wonder which house was the warmest? What do you think?

Mrs Pollard took her dog Jess for a walk in Butterdean Woods and whilst she was there she found some fantastic dens, we think they look just like wigwams!

Challenge – What can you find in your house or garden to build your own traditional Native American house?

I have seen so many beautiful pictures of the wonderful things you have all been collecting on your nature walks. Maybe you could also make a lovely Native American wind chime!

Today we are off to Africa! We will be exploring the country Kenya.

This is the Kenyan flag

Africa has lots of different countries in it. You can see in red where Kenya is on the map below. I wonder if you could find Scotland on your own today? It’s quite tricky, let us know if you can manage!

The Maasai tribe live in Kenya and northern Tanzania. They are famous for their beautiful singing and dancing. They also wear very colourful clothing. They often where red which is to scare away lions.

Can you dress up as a Maasai warrior?

The Maasai people wear beautiful necklaces that the Maasai women make with beads.

Challenge – Can you make your own Maasai necklace?
You will need a paper plate, scissors and paint/pens and glue if you would like to glue any beads/materials on. We also used ribbon at the bottom of our necklaces to add feathers and beads.

All you need to do is cut out the middle of the plate. If you fold the plate in half it is much easier. Next make one cut into the remaining circle so you can wear it as a necklace. Your adults can help you with some of the cutting if it is too hard. Then you are ready to decorate!

Wow, look at this fab design!

In Maasai tradition the young boys have jumping contests when they become Maasai warriors.

Here are some of our Cockenzie warriors having a go!

Who can jump the highest in your house?