Mrs Erussard’s Challenge

Mrs Erussard did this with her boys “We talked about things that we would like to do together and wrote them down on bits of paper. These were things like; do a puzzle, play a card game/board game, bake, etc. Then we put them in a chocolate box and everyday we are going to pick one out.”

Challenge – Can you create your own box full of ideas to do while you are at home.

Miss Connolly’s Tennis Challenge

Challenge – Why not try playing tennis using things you can find in your house.

Miss Connolly had fun playing with slippers and socks! We would love to see your photos.

“Tummy tennis is a great way to strengthen core muscles and develop hand-eye co-ordination and motor skills without breaking all the furniture!
Ideas for alternative tennis rackets: pots, cardboard boxes, fly swatters, Tupperware lids. Ideas for alternative tennis balls: rolled up pants/socks, balloons, soft toys. I used my slippers and a pair of socks!” Miss Connolly