STEM – Miss Connolly’s Nature Bracelet

You can make a beautiful nature bracelet by taking some sellotape and loosely wrapping it around your wrist so that the sticky side is up.

Then, from things you find in the garden or when you are on a walk, you can make these nature bracelets.

These are some pictures of ones Mrs O’Connor and her daughter made. At the end we wrapped another piece of sellotape around the bracelet and cut it off so that we could keep it.

STEM – Colour Mixing

Miss Neil has been busy doing experiments with mixing colour mixing.

She got two cups of water with different colours of food dye in them. She then connected them both to a third cup of water using a piece of kitchen roll. The coloured dye travelled up the kitchen roll and mixed in the third glass.

What colours can you make?

Send us your pictures to

STEM – Miss Rogerson’s Shaker Challenge

Challenge – Can you make a shaker using things you can find in the house.

Have a look in the kitchen cupboard and make some shakers. Try and fill your bottles/tub with different things. Listen to the sounds. Which is the noisiest? Which is the quietest? Maybe you could decorate your new shakers with paper/stickers or paint. You can use them when singing songs.

We were practising playing instruments to the beat at nursery. Can you play to a rhythm with  your shakers at home? 


This week is STEM week at Cockenzie Primary School!

STEM stands for ‘Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. ‘ It’s an approach to teaching and learning in which STEM education principles are taught through the arts. 

Miss Hay, our primary 6 teacher, has been incredibly busy trying to adapt things in a way that we can learn about STEM from home. A huge thank you to her for her hard work.

A huge amount of the work we naturally do in nursery relates to STEM, as are many of the daily challenges we are setting here and the activities you are all doing at home and sharing with us. However, this week we will be adding a few extra challenges linked to STEM on the nursery blog.

Happy STEM week everyone!!