Small Acts of Kindness

This week we have talked a lot about looking after ourselves but it is super important to look after other people as well! The book in this video helps us understand why and gives us some examples of how we can look after eachother.

What did you think of the story?

How could you fill somebody’s bucket today?

Why don’t you try telling everyone in your house what you love most about them or draw somebody a nice picture?

Still not sure? Here is another lovely short story that might give you some ideas! Have a lovely weekend everybody!

Den Building Challenge

We love building dens in nursery! They can be a great place to go if you’re in the red zone, the blue zone or the yellow zone and want to get back into the green zone. Small cosy comfortable spaces help us to regulate our emotions and they’re lots of fun to build. 

Why don’t you try making your own using some bed sheets, a blanket or anything else you can think of lying around the house! Send in pictures if you can, we’d love to see your creations!

How Are You Feeling Today?

This week we are going to focus on health and wellbeing because as I’m sure you’ll agree, it is very important to look after ourselves. To help us understand and talk about our emotions in nursery, we use the zones of regulation.

Let’s revisit Mrs Pollard’s zones of regulation video and have a think about how we feel today. Which zone are you in?

Zones of Regulation – What to do if you are in the Red Zone?

We talk with our children about strategies they can use if they are in different ‘zones’. One strategy we talk about is if they are in the Red Zone they can clench their fists to help them to get their anger out.

Miss Connolly has made a step by step guide to making a stress ball that you could have fun making at home in case your child ever needs a way of getting out of the red zone.