The nursery team are coming to a screen near you!

Next week we are looking to set up google meets for each coloured group so that the children can talk to their keyworker and the rest of their group.

As soon as the dates are set we will email you a link and hopefully you and your child can join us.

Loose Part Snowman

The snow may have melted but that won’t stop us building a snowman! Have a look in your house, can you find anything to create your own snowman? Cotton wool pads are great for his body, I wonder what you can find to make his eyes and nose…

Remember to send us in a photo of your snowmen if you can to 

Mrs Pollards Ice making challenge!

The temperature is due to be -1 degrees tonight, the perfect temperature to try and make some ice outside! Place water (and whatever items you want to freeze) into a tub and add a piece of string. Leave this outdoors all night and see what happens…

Was it cold enough overnight? If not you can try again when the weather is due to be below zero degrees!