After the cold spell over the weekend the children had lots of stories about snow and ice when they came in on Monday! We have been exploring ice in the nursery garden and setting up new exciting play opportunities within the room as part of our responsive planning.

The children built an igloo in the brick corner! Great team work 🙂

Purple group’s visit to the library.

The Purple group went to the library on Tuesday and Ziggy the road safety alien was pleased to report that the children were fantastic when walking by the road. They shared their knowledge of road safety, wore their hi-viz jackets and held hands with their partner all the way to the library. When they got to the library they sat and listened to librarian read them two stories. Afterwards they chose a book to look at by themselves and as a group chose two books to take back to nursery. Some of the children were keen to borrow books to take home so the library staff gave us some forms which you can use to take your child to the library and borrow books.