Supporting Young Carers in Education Settings

6th December 2017, Edinburgh

About this event:

Young carers in Scotland have been reporting on the support they receive in schools at each of the Young Carers Festivals since 2008. The compilation of these responses has revealed that young carers perceive a lack of awareness, understanding and empathy from their teachers regarding their role as a carer, leading them to feel there is no support system available to them within schools. It would appear that much more still needs to be done in schools to support young carers.

This half-day seminar will attempt to raise awareness of the issue among school teachers and staff, and offer practical suggestions as to how we might best support young carers in education settings.

Key learning:

•    The need to identify young carers (a brief outline of policy and legislation)

•    Exploring the issues and how young carers can be supported

•    Examples of models of practice in schools and resources available

•    The impact of providing the right support to young carers at school.

Who should attend:

This event is aimed at school teachers and staff. It is primarily aimed at those working in the upper years of primary and secondary school settings, but given the importance of early identification of young carers, it may also be of interest to those working in the earlier years of primary.

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