Corporate Learning Opportunities

Introduction to Management

This 2 day course has been designed to give practicing managers the knowledge and skills necessary for effective, efficient and up to date line management/ leadership.

  • Day 1 on 11th April (Penston House)
  • Day 2 on 20th April (Penston House)

To nominate, please either log on to Learnpro or contact Adrian Hynd on 01620-827735 for further information.

Managing Difficult Conversations (half day workshop)

6 May, Garleton Room, Penston House

This event has been designed in partnership with HR and is aimed at managers who want to be able to better handle potentially difficult conversations about performance and behaviour. You will leave with a plan for a difficult conversation you need to have with a team member.

The objectives for the event are:

  • Describe the rationale for having a difficult conversation
  • Know what to do to prepare for a difficult conversation
  • Be able to plan a difficult conversation using CEDAR
  • More confidence in knowing how to tackle emotional reactions

Recruitment and Selection (one day workshop)

  • 21 March, Garleton Room, Penston House
  • 26 April, Garleton Room, Penston House
  • 20 June, Garleton Room, Penston House

The main purpose of this course is to help you develop the practical skills and confidence to conduct effective interviews using Behavioural Interviewing.

If you are going to be or have taken part in selection interview panels for the recruitment of staff, this course will be really valuable for you.

You will have the opportunity to practise questioning skills and take part in a short interview.  Prior to attending you must complete two e-learning modules available on learnPro under Essentials called “ELC: Recruitment and Selection.”

Pre-retirement (one day workshop)

  • 3 April, Saltire Rooms 1&2, John Muir House
  • 25 October, Adam Room, John Muir House

This course is suitable for anyone considering leaving employment on normal, early or ill health retirement, or taking flexible retirement. It aims to encourage a positive and realistic approach to a healthy and financially secure retirement.

Course objectives – to raise awareness of:

  • The changes in your lifestyle and options available
  • Practical “doable” action to protect your health in retirement
  • What your financial requirements will be in retirement
  • How to make sure your money lasts as long as you do
  • How to ensure your assets are passed to your intended beneficiaries
  • What long term care and inheritance tax mean to you
  • The opportunity to request Independent Financial Advice

How to apply: Please book on learnPro:

Instructions on booking if you have not done this before: