TeachMeet / Pedagoo Session

Education Scotland will be facilitating a TeachMeet/Pedagoo session on Wednesday 25th September at this year’s Scottish Learning Festival, in the Exhibitor Seminar Theatre of the SEC.

The TeachMeet session will consist of a series of short presentations (2-7 minutes, use of PowerPoint, or equivalent, is strongly discouraged) to which the audience would listen and then ask questions. For more information see: http://teachmeet.scot/what-is-a-teachmeet/

The Pedagoo session will take the form of learning conversations. These are longer in length and there can be several happening at the one time, the audience choose which one to attend at sign in. Instead of presenting, the leader will facilitate the conversation in the way that they choose. For more information see: http://www.pedagoo.org/about-pedagoo/

The proposed plan for this session is:

17:00-17:20: Refreshments, networking & sign in

17:20-17:30: Welcome

17.30-18:10: TeachMeet session: short presentations (40 mins)

18:10-18:15: Break

18:15-18:55: Pedagoo session: learning conversations (40 mins)

18:55-19:00: Close

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