Teachers Reading Group

CPD for Pleasure

What: We invite anyone committed to developing children’s desire and engagement as readers to join our new OU/UKLA Reading Group. Informal, Friendly and supportive, we hope teachers and support staff will join us and commit to attending all six CPD sessions

Group Leader: Agnès Guyon – Senior Librarian for Schools, Children and Young People

 Frequency: 6 sessions throughout the year – dates to be arranged to fit the group

Time: Preferably 2 hours – 4 to 6 but could also be Friday pm or 3:30 to 5:30, or reduced to fit the group

 Venue: Library HQ, Dunbar Road

Background information:

The Open University (OU) and United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA) Teachers’ Reading Groups partnership is linked to the Teachers as Readers research. These groups provide free CPD for teachers, teaching assistants, early years professionals, librarians and others to enrich their knowledge of current texts, their understanding of reading for pleasure (RfP), and how to support it. Free books will be provided.

The aims of the groups are:

  1. To foster children’s reading for pleasure through supporting teachers’ /members’ own RfP and research-informed practice;
  1. To support the profession by building a professional community around RfP locally and online;
  2. To share teachers’ resultant development work on the OU RfP website.

I have recently been trained by Professor Cremin* to be a group leader, in a full-day workshop with accompanying material.

*Professor in Education (Literacy at the OU, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences,(AcSS) the Royal Society of the Arts (RSA) and the English Association (EA).

Please contact Agnès Guyon: aguyon@eastlothian.gov.uk


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