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Closing the gap in extraordinary times: a fresh perspective.

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Why not join us to reflect on important issues related to the attainment gap. You will hear from education experts and will also have opportunities to share your ideas and concerns with colleagues from various schools and educational background through group discussions.

The series will take place over 3 interrelated sessions on the following days from 3.30 – 5.00pm:

• Thursday 10 September
• Thursday 24 September
• Thursday 8 October

Session 1 – Thursday 10th of September: Closing the gap: pause and reflect

This session will reintroduce us to the whole issue of closing the gap

  • What does this term actually mean?
  • What does it mean in the current economic, social and political climate?
  •  Is ‘closing the gap’ still the right term or are there other and better ways of looking at this fundamental issue – while still achieving at least as positive an outcome for our learners?
  •  We will look closely at national advice and how this might be likely to develop and evolve
  • What do we know from research, innovation and practice about where the gap has been successfully ‘closed’?

Find out about key messages from the recent Scottish Government-funded research ‘Reconceptualising attainment through shared learning spaces which promote achievement, health and wellbeing (June 2020)’

Session 2 – Thursday 24th of September: Supported reflection on your own experiences in closing the gap

Session 2 will allow you to start to zoom in on the specifics of your own experiences. Importantly, we will introduce a self-evaluation ‘toolkit’ which we will explain and explore. We will touch on key questions, including:

  •  How successful have you been in closing the gap?
  • How do you know?
  •  Is your success short-term or sustainable?
  • Could you have achieved more?
  • How has the period of lockdown changed the situation in your school: positively, negatively, somewhere in between?

We will then ask you to undertake some real-time self-evaluation of where your school stands in terms of closing the gap, using the toolkit provided. This will be undertaken between session 2 and session 3.

Session 3 – Thursday 8 October: Closing the gap: building for the future

Session 3 will build on the self-evaluation you have completed between session 2 and session 3. Building on your findings, we will explore the key issues and themes emerging. In collaboration with course leaders and other participants, we will pick out emerging themes and start to look at what we might do to address issues arising. The final element of this learning experience will look at the crucial areas of how we measure impact and capture progress in all of this: never easy, but always possible. Having completed all three sessions, you will now be in a confident position to address or re-address your school’s approaches to closing the attainment gap.

The cost is £60 if attending all three sessions, or £25 per individual session.

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Webinar Recordings

You can still access the recordings of our previous webinars on our website.

The webinars focused on:

  • Leadership in a Time of Change
  • Self-Evaluation for Self-Improvement: More Important than Ever?
  • The Primary Curriculum: Getting the Right Experiences for a Changing World
  • Getting the Most from Blended Learning: continuity and coherence in challenging times
  • Learning from the pandemic: moving forward with confidence

Watch the recorded sessions here.

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