Film Education Journal – Winter Symposium

To celebrate the launch of the sixth edition of the Film Education Journal, we are delighted to present two online twilight film education events featuring teachers, film academics and filmmakers.

Thursday 26th November; 16.30 – 17.45

  • Exploring the ‘Meaning Model’: placing meaning at the centre of film education  by Marc Barrett (Australian Council for Education Research)

From primary schools to postgraduate film education, the primary tool used to introduce students to the way meaning is created through film – the shot-type list (which distinguishes between wide shot, close-up and so forth) – has remained relatively unchanged. Drawing both from industry filmmaking experience and 10 years teaching film in Australian primary schools, Marc Barrett will propose a new approach – ‘The Meaning Model’ – to how we might introduce learners to the ways in which meaning is created in cinema. Marc’s essay on ‘the Meaning Model’ (which includes resources to help teachers employ the model themselves in their teaching) will be made available for free during the presentation.

The event will be presented by Dr Michelle Cannon (UCL Institute for Education).

Friday 27th November; 16.30 – 17.30

  • Securing a place for film within the ongoing life of a Scottish state secondary school by Michael Daly and Jacqueline Thomson (John Paul High School, Glasgow)

How might you start to teach film in your classroom for the first time? How might you approach the use of film with secondary school students if you haven’t had any specialist training in doing so? As detailed in their forthcoming article in the Film Education Journal, Michael Daly and Jacqueline Thomson have spent the past few years facing these questions at an inner-city state secondary school in Glasgow, with a considerable degree of success; finding new and innovative ways of integrating film into the Scottish curriculum that only a teacher’s perspective on the ground can find. Join us for a discussion with Michael and Jacqueline, hosted by the Film Education Journal’s Jamie Chambers (Edinburgh College of Art) about the power and potential of using film with young learners.

The events are free to attend and are geared both towards those with a specific interest in film education, and those interested in film culture and practice more generally.

The sessions are free to attend. See full programme details and register for your place here.

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