SEIC: Plan ahead for your self-care 2021

In the past few months leaders across the SEIC have had huge pressures placed on them, probably more than any other time in their career and none more so than leaders across schools and those working in education provisions.

In response to requests for more support for senior leader emotional wellbeing,  SEIC are setting up opportunities for planned peer, person-centred 1:1 coaching and for small groups of senior leaders to meet together in ‘Safe Place Networks’.

Many senior leaders have already undertaken coaching skills training so we are also appealing for volunteers from this group of people who might wish to brush up on their skills and support a colleague from across the SEIC.

Make 2021 the year of supporting each other with self-care and plan ahead now.

On the attached advert there is more information and links to the sign-up forms .  Please do not hesitate to contact me directly should you require more information.

SEIC Health and Wellbeing Advert

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