SEIC – March Update

News Update

SEIC Digital Board – The Digital board has hosted a number of successful meetings which allows all LAs to share and collaborate on approaches and resources linked to Digital Learning.

West OS & SEIC – We now have 11 teachers from across the SEIC producing recorded video content as part of the National eLearning Offer. If you are interested in creating content please apply here.

West OS

Created by teachers, as part of Scotland’s National e-Learning Offer (NELO), West OS provides recorded learning experiences for children and young people. Content is now being provided from all Regional Improvement Collaboratives across Scotland. Each West OS video provides input from an experienced teaching practitioner and is designed to support learners to develop skills, knowledge and
understanding relating to key learning. With over 1000 recorded lessons available West OS is evolving, and content is continually being uploaded across all curricular areas. These resources can be accessed through the West OS tile on Glow.

e-Sgoil ‘Lockdown Live’

e-Sgoil is focussed primarily on the delivery of live teaching to pupils across Scotland. As part of the National e-Learning Offer, e-Sgoil offer a range of online educational experiences. These are available to support Scotland’s schools in providing the best teaching/learning for their pupils. e-Sgoil is working with a wide range of partners to bring this varied and high-quality programme to fruition and are grateful to each of them for their expertise and commitment to
Scotland’s young people. Lockdown Live is totally free and accessible by all schools in Scotland. e-Sgoil is now planning their Easter support study sessions which will run from the week beginning 5th April.

Click here to download the flier.

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