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Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning

Starts Wednesday 21 April 2021 

Equitable and Sustainable International School Partnerships
In this online learning, you will find lots of practical information to help you progress your partnership into the future in a sustainable and exciting way! Learn from Scottish schools whose partnerships have thrived, along with a suite of tools to use in developing engaging joint curriculum projects to enhance teaching and learning in both schools.

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Learning for the SDGs: Level 2

Starts Tuesday 20 April 2021

SDGs have a huge part to play in today’s classrooms. As a blueprint for making the world a better place, these goals can help engage young people and inform lesson plans. This professional learning will support teachers in developing their confidence, knowledge, and skills to bring the 17 UN SDGs alive in the classroom and beyond, while making strong links to Curriculum for Excellence throughout.

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World Water Day

22 March 2021 | Download the resource

World Water Day, held on 22 March every year since 1993, celebrates water and raises awareness of the 2.2 billion people living without access to safe water.

Globally, 31% of schools lack access to clean water. These downloadable activities include discussions on the fair use of water, a reflection on who owns water, a water audit and a simulation game where participants experience water issues people face in rural Africa.

Bring digital learning to life and take action on the big issues that shape our world with Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning

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Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning is a free
programme delivered all over the UK that digitally connects teachers globally and locally to other schools. Whether you want to take part in professional learning, apply for funding or work in digital partnership with another school to learn about the SDGs, Silvia Sabino at Scotdec can help. Silvia is the Connecting Classrooms Local Adviser for Scotdec and can work with you to tailor a package of support specifically for your educational setting.

Scotland’s five Development Education Centres (DECs) are responsible for delivering the professional learning aspects of the programme to Scottish teachers across the country.

Free online summer school for speech writing

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In its inaugural year, the Caledonia School of Speech Writing will offer 12 young people, aged between 16 and 19, the opportunity to take part in a three-day online summer school on the art of speech writing. The goal of the school is to encourage young people to speak out about the causes which matter to them most on their journey to becoming the energetic, empathetic leaders of our communities.

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