Pedagogy Pioneers

The Pedagogy Pioneer programme aims to support the improvement of teacher efficacy, provide opportunities for practitioners to link through collaborative practice and discussions, as well as accelerate reflective practice linked to professional learning, relevant reading, enquiry, and research.

Below is some information regarding the next set of Pedagogy Pioneer Webinars for April and May. There are various events involving practitioners from both primary and secondary across the SEIC including staff from schools in East Lothian.

• Jill Robertson from Campie PS is delivering a session on 12th May on Playful Pedagogy.

• Jenny Wright, a secondary practitioner from Knox Academy, invites you to explore how to create an inclusive classroom on Monday 26th April

• Glen Cunningham from Dunbar Primary will be looking at assessment to inform teaching in numeracy and writing on Weds 28th April

April Events 

Journey to Making Learning Visible – 21st of April

Come and find out about how Practitioner Enquiry, Early Years Pedagogy, and Visible Learning-based research can help develop learners who own their own learning.

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Pedagogy to Create an Inclusive Classroom – 26th of April

Join us to explore how a few simple changes can help create
an inclusive classroom that can help every pupil access their
learning and achieve their best.

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Science/Critical Thinking – 27th of April

Come and join us to learn about a range of strategies and
techniques that can support the critical thinking capacity of
learners, including principles from science and philosophy.

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Assessment in Numeracy and Literacy – 28th of April

This session will explore assessment to inform teaching in
numeracy and writing.

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April Pedagogy Pioneers (1)

May Events

Creativity Across Learning/STEM/Outdoor Learning – 5th of May

Join us to find out how Expressive Arts and Creative Skills can be used to increase attainment, engagement, and knowledge in core subjects.

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Learning Through Play/Early/First Levels – 10th of May

Join us to hear one practitioner’s journey to play in the early years
with a focus on literacy.

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Magic of Maths: Learning Through Play – 11th of May

Join us to explore a play based approach to numeracy and
maths in Early/First Levels.

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Playful Pedagogy – 12th of May

This session will explore how to adopt a playful pedagogy approach
in your classroom.

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Technology to Enhance Learner Participation – 13th of May

Join us to hear how technology can be used to enhance learner
participation at all levels.

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Retrieval and Recall: Rosenshine – 17th of May

Come join us to find out more about implementing Rosenshine’s
Principles on retrieval and recall practices in your classroom.

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Practitioner Enquiry: What is an Enquiring Approach – 25th May

In this session learn about what practitioner enquiry is and what the
benefits of using this in your everyday teaching practice could be.

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May Pedagogy Pioneers


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