Learning for Sustainability (LfS) in East Lothian – curious about what it looks like?

Learning for Sustainability (LfS) – curious about what it looks like?

Tues 18 May, 17.30-18.30: Google Meet

Learning for Sustainability – what does it mean, why does it matter and how could an LfS approach make a positive impact across your primary or secondary school? Scotdec and East Lothian Council are partnering up to host a free one hour webinar, showcasing how an LfS approach will empower young people in your school to build the values, attitudes, knowledge, skills and confidence needed to develop practices and take decisions which are compatible with a sustainable and equitable society. Grab a cuppa and listen in – you’re not required to actively participate but you’re welcome to get involved via Chat.

This session will focus on Global Citizenship Education. Listen in as we:

  •  Showcase examples of LfS in East Lothian demonstrating the impact and value of Global Citizenship Education on learners
  • Present our CLPL series exploring Race, Bias and the Classroom – sharing strategies of how teachers can work towards an anti-racist classroom
  • Highlight opportunities offered by the Connecting Classrooms for Global Learning (British Council) Programme – international partnerships and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  • Share a suite of engaging resources you can take into the classroom – and further CLPL opportunities for those that are curious

To book please sign up (it is free!) here via EventBrite

Any queries please contact: kate@scotdec.org.uk


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