Professional Learning Newsletter – June 2021

Welcome to our final newsletter for this Academic Year. This has been another challenging year and we hope that our various courses and events have helped your professional development by keeping you motivated and inspired.

We are ending the year with a fantastic webinar where you will have the opportunity to hear from a major figure in Scottish education: Graeme Logan.

You might also be interested to learn more about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on teaching and learning community languages in Scotland. Why not join us for those thought-provoking events!

We will return after the summer with many new offers.

‘In Conversation With’: a brand new series of webinars

Our new series will offer you the opportunity to ‘meet’ and listen to and engage with key figures in Scottish education: professionals who lead, or lie at the heart of, major areas of education in Scotland.

To launch this series, we are delighted to welcome Graeme Logan, Director of Learning in Scottish Government, as our first guest. Graeme is responsible for all aspects of Scottish school system policy. This includes raising attainment, school infrastructure, teachers, curriculum and assessment, health and wellbeing, support for learners, digital learning and Gaelic and Scots languages.

Moreover, Graeme’s responsibilities cover vital programmes which teachers and head teachers lead, manage and implement on a daily basis: Curriculum for Excellence, the Scottish Attainment Challenge and the National Improvement Framework for Education.

• Date: Wednesday 16 June 2021
• Time: 4.00pm start
• Duration: One hour
• How: online
• Cost: this is a FREE event

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