Place2Be’s Mental Health Champions Foundation teacher training

Teachers play a crucial role in helping to normalise difficult feelings and promoting positive ways to look after our mental
health, as well spotting the signs when a child might be struggling and need professional help. There has never been a
more important time for teachers to feel equipped and confident in their roles.

Children’s mental health charity Place2Be is offering free online mental health training for UK teachers and school staff.
The Mental Health Champions – Foundation programme will build skills and capacity for supporting positive mental health
in school communities.

Upon completion of the programme, you will also join our alumni community in the Place2Be Staffroom. Here you will
have access to additional resources, join a network of mental health aware peers and help shape the support we can offer
to schools.

Over 50,000 teachers and school staff have signed up so far – don’t miss your chance! Learn more and sign up at

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