Gavin Oattes – You Are Not Everyone Else

Gavin Oattes returns to deliver a brand new, high energy hour of in-your-face inspiration. And this time he’s challenging us to do less, and be more.  Nobody ever tells you that your brain is a lying wee so and so, full of half-truths, best guesses and blatant fabrication! For this very reason it gets in the way, makes stuff up and causes nothing but incredibly frustrating and stressful moments for us all to enjoy. 

We live in the age of envy, the age of comparison, and our heads are busy busy places. In order to truly support others we must look after our own mental health and wellbeing first. It’s time to slow down, you’re already here!


All sessions will be held from 16.00 – 17.00 via Zoom.

  • 7th September session – sign up here.
  • 9th September session – sign up here.
  • 29th September session – sign up here.
  • 30th September session – sign up here.

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