Let’s focus on fractions!

Event Dates: 3rd February 2022, 3rd March 2022, 24th March 2022 and 28th April 2022
Time: 16.15 – 17.45
Venue: Google Meet
Contact: staffdevelopment.ecs@eastlothian.gov.uk

This course is designed of practitioners working at Early to Fourth Level Numeracy

• To gain a deeper understanding Fractions Knowledge
• To gain a deeper understanding of the fractions progression within the numeracy frameworks.
• To develop effective pedagogy and practice in fractions through practical applications and problems.
• Simple mathematisation

Programme Outline:
• Session 1 – Fragmenting and Part/Whole reasoning
• Session 2 – Measuring with fractions and reversible reasoning
• Session 3 – Fractions as numbers and equal sharing of multiple items
• Session 4 – Operations with fractions – multiplication, addition and subtraction, division

Please note that participants need to attend all 4 sessions and complete the practical follow-up tasks with their class(es) between sessions.

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